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    Geographies of a Tile: A Foundation’s Play

    It was surprising to me to find projects introduced to foundation students enormously exciting. While most of their faces often reflect a crippling anxiety, the uncertainty of how the final outcome looks like sends a thrill down my spine. In… Continue reading

  • Treemaps


    Treemapping is increasingly becoming a popular method of digital data and information visualization. Treemaps are simply a display of a set of information/data in a hierarchical structure; a series of embedded clusters, usually geometric forms, coming together to represent a… Continue reading

  • Vernacular Egypt

    Vernacular Egypt

    Street Graphics Egypt by Barry Dawson “The street graphics of modern Egypt reflect three distinct cultures and visual styles: ancient Egyptian imagery, a developing Western international style, and the traditional Arabic calligraphy of Egypt’s Islamic majority. Representations and interpretations of… Continue reading

  • WhiteFrames

    “Trail of white frames”

    We experienced this wayfinding system during our stay at Domaine de Boisbuchet this summer. It was created during a workshop with Sou Fujimoto which aimed to explore highlighting certain elements of the landscape through the use of simple architecture elements. The… Continue reading

  • Abu Dhabi Art 2012: Architecture – Visionaries

    Abu Dhabi Art 2012: Architecture – Visionaries

    The much anticipated talk Architecture – Visionaries was held during Abu Dhabi Art 2012 by  the three most celebrated architects behind the projects on Saadiyat Island: Frank Gehry, Jean Nouvel and Sir Norman Foster. The panel discussion touched on four… Continue reading