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    Geographies of a Tile: A Foundation’s Play

    It was surprising to me to find projects introduced to foundation students enormously exciting. While most of their faces often reflect a crippling anxiety, the uncertainty of how the final outcome looks like sends a thrill down my spine. In… Continue reading

  • Treemaps


    Treemapping is increasingly becoming a popular method of digital data and information visualization. Treemaps are simply a display of a set of information/data in a hierarchical structure; a series of embedded clusters, usually geometric forms, coming together to represent a… Continue reading

  • Vernacular Egypt

    Vernacular Egypt

    Street Graphics Egypt by Barry Dawson “The street graphics of modern Egypt reflect three distinct cultures and visual styles: ancient Egyptian imagery, a developing Western international style, and the traditional Arabic calligraphy of Egypt’s Islamic majority. Representations and interpretations of… Continue reading

  • WhiteFrames

    “Trail of white frames”

    We experienced this wayfinding system during our stay at Domaine de Boisbuchet this summer. It was created during a workshop with Sou Fujimoto which aimed to explore highlighting certain elements of the landscape through the use of simple architecture elements. The… Continue reading

  • Abu Dhabi Art 2012: Architecture – Visionaries

    Abu Dhabi Art 2012: Architecture – Visionaries

    The much anticipated talk Architecture – Visionaries was held during Abu Dhabi Art 2012 by  the three most celebrated architects behind the projects on Saadiyat Island: Frank Gehry, Jean Nouvel and Sir Norman Foster. The panel discussion touched on four… Continue reading

  • First things first

    First things first

    The decision to start Mobius came with hopes to have some impact on the design practice in Dubai. These hopes, fresh out of university, came with aspirations and many ideals.Reading “First things First” manifesto was refreshing and nostalgia inducing because… Continue reading

  • Behaving Typography

    Behaving Typography

    We have always been fascinated by the notion of restoring elements of expression and meaning in letterforms. Dwelling within this realm made us realize that you don’t need be a skillful drawer or software guru to be able to achieve… Continue reading

  • Dynamic Identity

    Dynamic Identity

    Dynamic logos can reflect the dynamic nature of a company or institution. The challenge is to achieve consistency within the realm of flexibility in addition to variation within the realm of identification.Below an example of the dynamic identity for the… Continue reading

  • Things we picked up from the 54th Venice Biennale

    Things we picked up from the 54th Venice Biennale

    The brochure for The Finnish pavilion was quite successful due to its direct connection with the art piece exhibited. Artist Vessa-Pekka Rannikko’s installation And All Structures are Unstable used building materials against the exterior of the pavilion. The brochure cover… Continue reading

  • Postage stamps

    Uncle Falah’s stamp collection

    We are big fans of postal stamps due to their aesthetic and informative values. They often allow you to track down historical, geographical, cultural and economical aspects of a country. Images of presidents, animals, plants, national folklore and commemorations are… Continue reading

  • CompanionThumb

    The Companion Magazine, 1947

    A friend got us “Women’s Home Companion” magazine dated August 1947 all the way from America. This vintage monthly publication was once highly successful and demanded amongst women of that era. It began 1874 and lasted into the third quarter… Continue reading