Photo Gallery


Sand De-Formation by Talin Hazbar
Talin builds off nature by freezing sand’s harmonious composition using a solidification process.


Decadence by Nada AlYafaei


Type Hybrids by Möbius Design Studio
This project presents a contemplation of typography through illustrated letterforms. Mobius impose specific behaviors on letters in both Arabic and English to explore new ways of matching typography.


The Shrine by Tulip Hazbar

A book that showcases Tulip’s compulsive habit of collecting objects. This project attempts to clarify her progression of interest over the years.


Untitled by Layan Attari
Layan talks to people about food in attempts to find out more about their lives. The project showcases people’s stories, summarized.

Details in the Fabric by Khalid Mezaina
Khalid uses vernacular fabrics as a canvas to explore contrasting visuals. The byproduct of
the layered visuals gives rise to new messages.



Lattice making for shading workshop by Parmis


Sand De-formation workshop by Talin Hazber


Bookbinding for beginners workshop by Salama Nasib


Introduction to Polymer Clay by Akram & Lina Al Amoudi


Introduction to Character Design by Nazli Maleki


Type-Illustration Hybrids by Hala Al-Ani & Hadeyeh Badri


Stamping Kufi Workshop by Najla Al Bassam


Fat Lines by Faysal Tabarra


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