• Glitch Typography

    by Hala Al-Ani This project explores the application of glitches and file corruptions to typography through the use of Hex editor. Drifting Alphabets       Crumbling Alphabets

  • Behaving Kinetic Typography

    by Riem Hassan Kinetic Typeface explores the expansion of communication through the most basic element of typography; the letterform. It looks into the formal qualities of the Latin and Arabic letters and questions how their possible change over time may… Continue reading

  • tiling experiment

    by Hala Al-Ani & Hadeyeh Badri   specifically conceived for Jogja biennial 2013, this experimental installation explores the notion of “tiling” to manipulate a viewer’s perception of a flat surface. The question of how to use tiles to manipulate a… Continue reading

  • Senna Structure

    By Hala Al-Ani &Hadeyeh Badri in collaboration with Faysal Tabbarah. Senna, specifically conceived for “The Beginning of Thinking is Geometric, is a temporal spatial construct that purposefully juxtaposes two opposing geometric attitudes, the organic and the synthetic. Organic and behaviorally… Continue reading

  • Type-Illustration Hybrids

    by Hala Al-Ani & Hadeyeh Badri This project presents a contemplation of typography through illustrated letterforms. We impose specific behaviors on letters in both Arabic and English to explore new ways of matching typography.  

  • Untitled B

    By Hadeyeh Badri Untitled B, currently still work in progress, attempts to explore both the integration and assimilation of built and natural environments. The resulting landscapes show equal participation from the manmade and the natural. This body of work was… Continue reading

  • A Typology of Houses

    By Hala Al-Ani. The built environment has always been a direct indicator of the economic and cultural aspects of a society. Due to the accelerated development of certain social conditions, Dubai has given rise to an architectural and stylistic imitation… Continue reading